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Perma Blend Evenflo Alter White is a fluid, highly-loaded formula that blends its particles with your existing pigments, resulting in a new lighter shade. Also ideal for highlight work straight out of the bottle.


The Evenflo pigments from Perma Blend were developed in collaboration with PMU artist Lulu Siciliano. They contain the world's first machine-optimised formula for maximum flow and better retention.


Perma Blend are one of the leading brands for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation pigments. They are known for their vibrant colours that stay true even after treatment. The pigments are stable, easy to apply and tested and approved by the German CTL laboratory. Perma Blend pigments can be mixed with each other.


Key Features:


  • Volume: 15 ml

Evenflo Alter White by Lulu Siciliano

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