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Black Bamboo Microblading handtool...

Pen holds U Blades, Regular blades, straight shading and many others including the SofTap® Foil Cartridges


This item is individually packaged and sterilised here in the UK to international standard ISO11137 with traceable LOT number and sterile expiry date.Single use item which has traceability and will meet local authority H&S licencing requirements when used as a single use tool.


Single Handtool £ 4.95 inc VAT

Pack of 10 £ 3.95 per tool inc VAT

Black Bamboo Microblading Handtool

CenaOd 4,95£
PTU w tym
  • Double ended handtool excellent for using small and large number pin blades to give smaller fine delicate hairs to front and end of brows.

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