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Nano 0.15mm Handtools


Single Item £ 5.95 inc VAT

Pack of 10   £ 5.50 per handtool inc VAT


Pre-Assembled Sharp & Flawless tools

Configured with comfortable rubber grip

45°Classic angleDisposable

EO Gas Sterilized and tracebale in the UK

The unique, pointed tip allows the artist to place each stroke precisely

Blade composed of 0.15mm Diameter Pins - The smallest diameter available



Individual Handtool £ 4.75 plus VAT each

Pack of 10 Handtools - £ 4.50 plus VAT per Handtool


Available in the following configurations




Hard Pin: 9 PIn - 14 Pin

Flexi Pin: 15 Pin


U Blade:

Hard Pin: 15 Pin

Flexi Pin: 20 Pin


Wave Shading:

Flexi: 14 Pin


Elimination of cross contamination and infection risk is a priority when performing micro-blade treatments. This item is individually packaged and EO sterilized in the UK to ISO

9C Hard 0.15mm Nano ProMicroblading Handtool

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