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Softap Cream.

Phase 1 -For use on unbroken skin. Phase 2 - For use on broken skin

Use only as directed. 10ml.


There is no governing body for Micropigmentatation within the UK; Local Authorities (LA’s) have their own set of bylaws but are ultimately governed by standards set by the Environmental Health. The Environmental Health issues the Tattooing and body piercing guidance toolkit to LA’s, which states:


“The client may wish to obtain a topical local anaesthetic preparation prior to the procedure; however responsibility for purchasing and application of the product should remain with the client… Alternatively, a qualified practitioner, e.g. doctor, may prescribe a topical local anaesthetic product”.


There are many grey areas when it comes to microblading and numbing agents, the law is not simple and varies among LA - and the Technician's personal preference.

With all numbing creams & gels we recommend you consult the professional guidelines set by your Insurance company and local licencing authorities prior to purchasing any numbing agents. We also recommend taking a course on topical anesthetics and their use in SPMU.



Softap Blockaid

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