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Superbly stable needles with long tip design for excellent view and non drip whilst working


Pack of 5 -   £ 6.50

Pack of 10 - £12.50

Pack of 20 - £22.50




1) Unique petals type needle stabilization system

2) Prevent its trembling and leaping when needles in use

3) Make pigmentation to be more smooth and clear with petals surrounding solid design

4) With a three-panel design, it can efficiently prevent the ink jet and needles to be colored when in and out the cavity of the cartridge needle

5) Duckbill design tip with diversion trench,large ink absorption, stable coloring, no ink jet, no swing.


Material: PVC and the needles are made of medical stainless steel.

Packaging: All needles are packed in an individual sterile blister pack.Quantity: 20 pieces / cartonSafety: Sterilised with EO gas.

3RS/30 Round Shader Thunderlord Cartridges

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