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Biodegradable Sterile Handtool Microblade Pen


Single Single Handtool £ 3.95 inc VAT

Pack of 10 £ 3.50 per tool inc VAT



1. Innovative materials, derived from natural

2. Environmentally friendly straw fiber, does not contain any material harmful to human body

3. Health and environmental protection concept

4. Process for preparing wheat straw fiber synthetic resin powder and rice ear fiber product

5. Wheat straw fiber, the structure is very stable and has strong antibacterial properties, protects rice from corrosion and insects, and is as healthy and safe as rice.

6. The pen is polished and delicate, the grip is comfortable, smooth and round, and easy to use. Ergonomic shape.

7. Small and portable, it does not contain heavy metals such as lead and nickel contained in other embroidery pens.


Under composting conditions the degradation of the straw biomass will be completed slowly in 2-3 years when it will be degraded into powder residue

Elimination of cross contamination and infection risk is a priority when performing micro-blade treatments.This item is individually packaged and sterilised.Single use item which has traceability and will meet local authority H&S licencing requirements when used as a single use tool.

Bio-Degradable Black Universal Handtool

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  • This item is individually re-packaged and sterilised 


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