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Pack of 10 x 5ml

BD Emerald 3-piece syringes, thanks to the combination of a transparent plunger, a contrasting scale and a green safety ring, make it possible to accurately draw up injection fluids. The size and shape of the finger grips and grooved thumb area make using the syringe safe and comfortable.

BD Emerald disposable syringes are manufactured in a particularly environmentally friendly way. For example, only energy from renewable sources is used in production and significantly less material is used than with comparable syringes from other manufacturers.

BD Emerald Syringes

3-Part Disposable Syringes

With Luer tip

Double safety ring, green

Transparent barrel

Contrasting scale for excellent readability

Piston retraction protection

Grooved thumb rest prevents the thumb from slipping off

Large, comfortably shaped finger grip

Centrally positioned cone

Lubricant on piston: silicone oil

Latex free

Free of PVC and DEHP

Extremely environmentally friendly, resource-saving production

Much less plastic is used in production than comparable syringes

Meets ISO 10993 (biocompatibility)

Sterile pre-packaging

5ml BD Syringe ( Pack of 10 )

inkl. MwSt.
  • Double cleanse the skin and dry with cotton pads to remove all dead cells and prepare the skin.

    SkinBFF™ Fusion Roller : Attach the roller needles to the end of product syringe and proceed with treatment in the chosen area.

    Please note that 0.25mm roller to be used on eye area. 0.5mm Roller for all other areas.

    Allow 10 minutes then apply SkinBFF™ SPF 50+.

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