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1 x SPMU Machine with 30 needles

2 x Tina Davies Lip Pigments,

2 x Tina Davies Brow Pigments,

1 x Tina Davies Eyeliner Pigment 
Tina Davies Pixl 1RL needles 1 x box (10)
Tina Davies Pixl 3RL needles 1 x box (10)
Tina Davies 7 MG needles 1 x box (10)
Tina Davies Cream
Tina Davies Shadowing Solution 

Lead cover
10 x brow rulers & mapping string
1 x brow pencil & 1 x lip pencil white
1 x practice mat brows & 3D lip mat
Pencil sharpening blades
30 x A&D ointment 
1 x yellow sharps bin
Yellow bags
Pigment pots
Grip Wrap

Debut Pro Micropigmentation Kit with Pigments

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